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Commercialise Shared Value

A must for every b2b

Commercialising Shared Value (CSV) boils down to culture. A culture that focuses on the success of others. It’s about understanding a rising tide lifts all boats in the harbour AND formerly doing something about it. That is to say, CSV is embedded into your “business-as-usual” processes. 

CSV is particularly important for B2B businesses. That is to say, businesses whose clients are businesses. The challenge is, how do you focus on the success of others when you must focus on your own success?

A strategy of CSV helps you to:

Connect“the discovery stage”

    • Understand the strategy
    • Awareness of your current capabilities, process and the value within your network
    • Strategic partnerships

Commercialise“the partnership stage”

    • Build the Shared Value Proposition
    • Approach Strategic Partners
    • Commercial Agreements

Collaborate“the execution stage”

    • Unify the people in the partnership
    • Drive the partnership
    • A process to Review and Improve

A focus on Commercialising Shared Value enables your business and your business community to thrive together.

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