Core Strategies

The Collaborative Partnerships Specialists

A better network of referral partners

  • Is your network not generating enough results you can rely on?
  • Are you expecting referrals from your network?
  • Have their good intentions to refer diminished?

Perhaps you forgot the most important step… you must evolve your network into strategic referral partners.


Your referral partners are a partnership. This cannot be overstated. Each partner has a responsibility to the success of the relationship. Documenting the responsibilities is only a part of the solution and can not be expected to be the mechanism that ensures results. A strategy that equips each partner in the partnership ensures the potential is fulfilled. 

This is best learned together with your proposed referral network. Learn how to:

  • Adapt your process for the benefit of your referral partners
  • Equip others to adapt their process for the benefit of you (leverage)
  • Accountability process to help manage, improve and maintain the strategy

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