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We believe the business world is changing, and the playing field is becoming more level. We believe the power is shifting from industry to the individual. We therefore believe the type of conversation your business needs has also changed. And in turn, believe the way that conversation needs to take place has also changed. 

CoreStrategies exists to create and empower both existing and growing businesses to have more meaningful, engaging and on-point conversations with people who are ready to listen. CoreStrategies can help develop your business.
Business Development
How does your business get the meaningful conversations it deserves? When it comes to creating more opportunity for business, CoreStrategies has an exceptional track record of identifying meaningful, purposeful and on-point conversations you should be having. We do this by first knowing what it is you are trying to achieve and why you do what you do. When we are clear on this, we go to work searching for the best business development opportunities for you. An ever-evolving business landscape requires an evolved business development strategy. Learn more about CoreStrategies Business Development here.
What if you partnered with someone who had “skin in your game”? Creating a complementary relationship to your business is what dreams are made of. Can you imagine what your business would be like if you were able to duplicate your enthusiasm, vision and ownership into the right networks? The new business age begs for a better result - a result that serves the business owner. Whilst we all recognise business has never had so much leverage at its fingertips, SME sized business owners have never been more time poor. The right partnership, with the right alignment can make all the difference. Learn more a CoreStrategies Partnerships here.
Education & Training
We believe you won’t need us... as long as you end up thinking like us when it comes to business development and relationships. The truth is, decision makers are busy (and possibly distracted) and getting on their radar is a very high level skill. At CoreStrategies, we believe business development and sales is NOT about “doing the numbers”, nor is it about doing more “sales training”. Great people who believe in what they do simply need the framework and process on how to add-value to others. CoreStrategies believes in education through “showing” rather than “teaching” alone. We create the context for our education by showing you and your team how to create more opportunities for your business to be heard, more opportunities to create new clients and how to be tuned into the language of today’s decision makers. Learn more about CoreStrategies Education and Training here.
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